Geological Fluid Dynamics
Department of Geology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The research interests of our group are broadly described as geological fluid dynamics, and they include field, theory, and experimental aspects.

Planetary and Terrestrial Volcanoes and Geysers

Study volcanoes and geysers on or near the surface of the Earth and other planets and satellites, including Mars, Io (a satellite of Jupiter), Enceldaus (a satellite of Saturn), and Triton (a satellite of Neptune).

Mt. St. Helens Io Geyser on Enceladus

Shock Waves and Hydraulic Jumps in Geological Flows

Examine the effect of shock waves in volcanic eruptions and meteorite impacts and that of hydraulic jumps in river flows. Apply the shallow water/compressible flow analogy to the study of volcanic eruptions.

Mt. St. Helens River rapids


Develop phase diagrams and equations of state for substances at the extreme conditions found in geological flows.

Old Faithful Enceladus Plume