Spring 2020 Colloquium

Spring, 2020 Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Tentative Location: Room 2079 Natural History Building 
Post-talk reception: Natural History Building Rm. 3083 - "The Core"

Jan. 23 Dr. William Easterling- National Science Foundation
"Balancing Curiosity-Driven Research with Convergent Research at NSF-What it takes to Understand and Predict the Earth System"

Jan. 30  Carol Stein - University of Illinois at Chicago (Host: Song)
"New Insights into North America's Midcontinent Rift"

Feb. 6  Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geoscience
Pam Sullivan - Oregon State University (Host: Druhan)
"Is subsurface plumbing responding to climate and land use changes in the Anthropocene and does it matter?"

Feb. 13 No Colloquium (Research Review)

Feb. 20 Xioadong Song, UIUC, "Journey to the tallest mountains and deepest interior of the Earth"

Feb. 27 ​Kirkpatrick Lecture
Juliana Troch, ETH Zurich and Brown University (Host: Lundstrom)

Mar. 5  Trent Ford, Illinois State Climatologist (Host: Conroy)

Mar. 12  Ralph E. Grim Lecture
Peter Edmunds, California State University - Northridge (Host:Fouke)
"Two tails of the coral reef crisis"

Mar. 19  No Colloquium (Spring Break)  

Mar. 26  Dan Shugar - University of Calgary (Host: Best)
"What is happening with the world's glacial lakes?"

Apr. 2 Stephanie Olson, University of Chicago (Host: Christie)

Apr. 9 Stephen K. Boss, University of Arkansas (Host: Sherilyn Williams-Stroud/ISGS), "The Conquest of the Wilderness and the Historic Origins of Geology Culture"

Apr. 16  Peter DeCelles, University of Arizona (Host: Liu)
"Oligo-Miocene basins formed by upper-plate extension in southern Tibet: response to syn-collisional Indian slab rollback"

Apr. 23 Susan Kieffer, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology, UIUC 

Apr. 30  Douglas Faulkner, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire (Host: Anders)
"The paraglacial Chippewa River, west-central Wisconsin: a case study of long-term complex response to abrupt base-level fall"