Fall 2022 Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30 PM
Location: 2079 Natural History Building, unless otherwise indicated

For access to the Zoom link please email: Anna Kuppler at arodger2@illinois.edu


September 1 - David Mohrig, The University of Texas at Austin, "The Roles of Channel Networks & Hurricane Ebb Surge in Construction and Destruction of Coastal Zones" (Host: Alison Anders)
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September 8 - Richard Wooten, AEG Jahns Lecturer, "Going Against the Grain: Linking Brittle Cross-Structures with Landslides, Hydrogeology, and Earthquakes in the North Carolina Blue Ridge and Piedmont" (Host: Andrew Stumpf)
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September 15 - R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture, Peter G. DeCelles, University of Arizona, "Why the Central Andes are Larger than the Himalaya: Dry and Broad vs. Wet and Narrow" (Host: Lijun Liu & Willy Guenthner)

September 22 - Albert Valocchi, UIUC CEE, "When the Whole is Less than the Sum of its Parts: Simplicity in Coupled Subsurface Transport + Reaction" (Host: Rob Sanford)
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September 29 - Michael C. Gurnis, California Institute of Technology, "Subduction Initiation and the Pacific Hemisphere at 50 Ma" (Host: Lijun Liu)
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October 6 - Ralph E. Grim Lecture, Athena Eyster, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Deciphering the Trajectory of Marine Oxygenation: Stratigraphic and Geochronological Clues from Massive Iron Formations" (Host: Cristi Proistosescu)

October 13 - No Colloquium, GSA Meeting

October 20 - Xue Feng, University of Minnesota (Host: Jenny Druhan)

October 27 - Meghana Ranganathan, Georgia Tech, "A Microstructural View of Ice Sheet Change" (Host: Cristi Proistosescu)

November 3 - 2022 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient, Dennis Coleman, IsoTech, "Make It Work" (Host: Craig Lundstrom)

November 10 - Dimitri Sverjensky, Johns Hopkins University, Virtual Seminar (Host: Craig Lundstrom)

November 17 - Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geology, Ken Ferrier, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Host: Jenny Druhan)

November 24 - No Colloquium, Fall Break

December 1 - Christine Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, (Host: Cristi Proistosescu)