Fall 2021 Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Tentative Location: 2079 Natural History Building

Lana Holben at holben@illinois.edu

August 26 - No colloquium, First week of class

September 2 - Jack and Richard Threet Lecture in Sedimentary Geology, Charles Kerans, University of Texas at Austin, "400 ka record of Carbonate Deposition/Erosion – The Pleistocene “Bridge” between Modern Process Sedimentology and the Stratigraphic Record" (Host: Bruce Fouke)

September 9 - Tom Johnson and Craig Lundstrom, UIUC Geology, "The Department of Geology: Past - Present - Future"
Watch here

September 16 - Peter La Femina, Penn State University, "Integrated Studies of a Persistently Active Volcano: Telica Volcano, Nicaragua", Virtual Seminar (Host: Trish Gregg)
Watch here

September 23 - Alex Tartakovsky, UIUC CEE, "Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Modeling Subsurface Flow and Transport"

September 30 - Stephanie Olson, Purdue University (Host: Max Christie)

October 7 - Andrea Stevens Goddard, Indiana University, "Resolving the Geodynamic Effects of Spreading Ridge Subduction in the Patagonian Andes Using Multichronometer Thermochronology" (Host: Willy Guenthner)

October 14 - Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geology, Jacky Austermann, Columbia University (Host: Cristi Proistosescu)

October 21

October 28 - R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture, Doug Faulkner, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Host: Alison Anders)

November 4

November 11 - Jack Sharp, University of Texas at Austin, 2021 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient "Carbonate Aquifers Systems – Scientific, Environmental, and Legal Issues"

November 18

November 25 - No Colloquium, Fall Break

December 2

December 9 - No Colloquium, Reading Day