Class Schedule - Winter 2023

GEOL 111 - Emergence of Life

Examines important theoretical and practical questions regarding the origin and evolution of life, as well as the search for life elsewhere in the universe. Uses the pioneering work of Carl Woese, whose "Tree of Life" revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental structure and evolutionary relatedness of all living entities on Earth. Same as ESE 111. Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule.

GEOL 117 - The Oceans

Integrated introduction to oceanography and marine geology and geophysics. Topics include ocean-basin formation and evolution (in the context of plate tectonics), ocean ecology, the hydrologic cycle, water chemistry, currents and waves, the interaction of oceans with climate, coastal hazards, resources, pollution, and the Law of the Sea. Course is oriented toward students not majoring in science. Same as ESE 117.